Terry Sutton, President of TSUTTON & CO., INC., has over 20 years of experience in the world of merchandising and branding.  Sutton has the ability to identify and target potential markets for product extension, blending specifically with the brand image. Her variegated skills give Sutton the expertise to visualize and cultivate a product through development, sourcing, merchandising and sales. She has the unique ability to take a brand image and fuse it with a product line that can rise above the mediocrity in the mass-merchandise business.

As Vice President of Merchandising for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Sutton has worked to synthesize Martha Stewart’s persona into various merchandising divisions.  Her efforts included launching the Martha by Mail print and online catalogs, creating an exclusive $200 million mass market garden line for Martha Stewart Everyday Garden, launching the Martha’s Flowers business.

Through Sutton’s skillful merchandising efforts product lines were designed and produced.  She established a brand identity and merged that identity with the entire merchandising process including assortment, pricing, strategies, consumer relationships, advertising and promotion.

Having done business in over 30 countries worldwide, Sutton has extensive knowledge in sourcing and creating assortments worldwide.