• Assess current assortment plans and evaluate
  • Develop new assortment plan
  • Develop complete product line
  • Develop/oversee design of packaging, signage, layout
  • Identify current market trends and directions


  • Develop sourcing strategy for current assortment
  • Identify appropriate countries and factories for production
  • Introduce to agents and factories worldwide


Brand Development

Product Development

  • Identify potential, appropriate countries for brand
  • Identify and develop appropriate product line
  • Establish identity through product, packaging and store display
  • Suggest marketing/PR opportunities to establish brand
  • Identify design and develop products appropriate to market and brand
  • Determine relevant pricing structure and spec to build
  • Determine colors, specs and materials
  • Insure highest quality product



  • Suggest appropriate retail or manufacturing partners to contract with
  • Carry through entire process of product development and marketing.